Memory Care Kits Are Available

Are you looking for something to do with a loved one. Memory kits designed for early, middle, and late
stage persons living with dementia (PWLD)are available for curbside pick-up at the main library 520
West Superior Street. Curbside pick-up is on the Michigan Street side in front of the garage. Call 728-
4200 Monday through Friday to reserve your kit. Here is more information on curbside pick-up

As a refresher, the memory kits all contain a cognitive activity, a music selection, books, and information sheets. They are designed with the intent to encourage conversation and reminiscence. These items are specifically selected to fit with the level of ability a PWLD has remaining This is a link to a great story that WDIO did in April 2019 about the memory kits.

Here is the link to information on curbside pick-up. Please share this information widely.